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Rodents and gnawing habits

Rodents and gnawing habits

Rodents’ chance of surviving is highly dependent on their gnawing habit. Strong jaws and ever-growing teeth are used to gnaw their way through toward their food sources. They also gnaw their way to find suitable harborage areas, assist in climbing, and is one of the main arsenals to fight off their predators.

In rural areas, rodent may gnaw through tree trunks or roots to make suitable nest. Similarly, in city and suburban areas, rodents may gnaw through doors, windows, and walls to find a suitable nesting site.

Interestingly, rodents are prone to gnaw on wires, including utility wires and car wires inflicting high repair costs for many households. Why do they choose to gnaw on wires?

There is no major research on this topic to reach a definitive conclusion, but the experts believe certain properties of the wire may have attracted rodents. It might be the wire’s shape or length which resemble tree branches. It might be the electrical vibration within the wire that affects rodent’s nervous system that makes them feel like they are hearing a running water or an insect walking on a tree branch.

However, we can conclude that gnawing habit is crucial for rodent to survive. It is embedded in their instinct. When they sneak into a property, they are just doing what the instinct says - find food, water, and a place to nest. Therefore, they will gnaw through structures to make a path toward their needed resources. They gnaw relentlessly. This habit does them not harm; in fact, chewing even help their forever-growing teeth to be in good length.

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