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Are Swarmers termites?

Are Swarmers termites?

Swarmers are a reproductive termite caste. Their main responsibility is to fly out and find the perfect conditions to start a colony. Swarmers are often spotted during rainy season. They are attracted to lights. When they look for a mate, the male will follow a female and then they will find suitable ground to breed. Humidity and an abundant food source are the main factors for a thriving colony.

Are Swarmers termites? If I find them in my house does that mean I have a termite infestation?

Swarmers, dead or alive, will make homeowners anxious of a termite infestation in their home. However, a colony will create swarmers only after it is well established, mostly after the colony is at least one year old. 

If any house has a termite colony that is about one year old, the house would have some form of damage and100-200 swarmers would fly out from a specific area of the house. 

How did swarmers enter my house? Don’t be alarmed. Swarmers have a very short life span. If they can’t find the perfect place to start a colony, they will die within 24 hours. That is why sometimes people find termite wings, or many dead swarmers in the house. Swarmers can enter the house through spaces between windows, doors, the roof, or even lighting.

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